About Me

I, my name is Kim Balthrop and I am the visionary of Glams Gems Jewelry. I joined Paparazzi Accessories in 2020 as an Independent Consultant at first just to purchase the beautiful Zi Collection jewelry at wholesale and save money as so many do.  Then I realized that I could sell the jewelry retail and in doing so I have met so many amazing people and that this jewelry truly changed the lives of people. 

This $5.00 and $25.00 Jewelry connected me to people all crossed the world and changed the way people viewed themselves financially, psychologically, emotionally, physically ad spiritually.  Giving all that encounter those that sold it a special grace to be happy, live more, love more, laugh more and helped to find their true identity. It's more than jewelry, it's a family of God created to evangelize the Gospel of love in the earth through jewelry. 

As I increased in sales, growing the business and birthing this wonderful team of great leaders, we rose to Director status, Crown Club 5, Life of the Party Bronze and Silver and maintain Fashion Fix status over the years.

Through prayer asking the Lord to search my heart making sure my WHY was right. I kept coming to the same conclusion that I joined because I love jewelry, purchasing it at wholesale cost, going to convention and meeting tons of great people like yourselves was my why. Then, one day the Holy Spirit said that's good but you were led to join because of me and your WHY is because of ME.  Ding Dong, the bell rang loud and I said "YES Lord, you are absolutely right, it's because of YOU'

One thing I did not mention is that my husband John and I, Pastor a ministry in our local city. And my desire is to build a church and business that would feed the all people, to include the Armed Forces and their families, cloth the poor, provided shelter to the homeless and build a community that glorifies the Lord through teaching the Bible.  So, today I can finally say I found my WHY....My prayer is that you would help support the cause, because it's all about changing lives and preaching the Gospel through Glams Gems Jewelry. As we together change the lives of Men, Women and Children, one soul at a time through jewelry let us continue to pray for each other. Join us as we glorify the Lord by giving back.     

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